1. Complete AV Design Services: At Kenny AV Solution, we’re committed to providing a wide range of CAD drafting and design services designed for the professional AV community.
  2. Creating Visuals: We specialize in making detailed diagrams, drawings, and manufacturing details to make sure that AV equipment integrates seamlessly and works efficiently.

  3. Smart Rack Layouts: Our expertise involves designing neat and organized equipment rack layouts with exact interconnection details, improving how AV systems work overall.

  4. Organized Cable Solutions: We plan AV layouts in floor plans, define the right cable pathways, and provide detailed schedules to keep installations tidy and free of errors.

  5. Thorough Record-Keeping: Our services include giving accurate As-Built drawings, construction documents, project records, technical briefs, and system specifications, making AV projects easy to understand.

Audio Visual CAD

Our team at KENNY AV CAD DRAFTING SOLUTION possesses extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of AV systems, including:

  1. Boardroom Solutions: Specializing in crafting and integrating AV solutions for boardrooms to ensure smooth presentations and effective communication.

  2. Video Meeting Environments: Leveraging expertise in videoconferencing technologies to create immersive and dependable virtual meeting setups.

  3. Collaboration Spaces: Tailoring AV solutions for meeting rooms to foster enhanced collaboration and productivity.

  4. Public Address Systems: Demonstrating proficiency in PA systems to facilitate clear and efficient audio communication in various public areas.

  5. Background Sound Environments: Designing and integrating background music systems to cultivate pleasant and soothing atmospheres in commercial spaces.

  6. Dynamic Display Solutions: Crafting engaging digital signage setups to showcase dynamic content and captivate diverse audiences.

  7. Impressive Videowalls: Excelling in the design of striking videowalls for impactful visual displays in large venues.

  8. Crystal-Clear Audio Reinforcement: Offering comprehensive audio reinforcement solutions for delivering crystal-clear sound in various settings.

  9. Studio Recording Environments: Applying knowledge of recording studio technologies to create optimal environments for professional audio production.

  10. High-Quality Video Projection: Providing expertise in video projection systems to ensure high-quality visual presentations.

  11. Educational Spaces – Lecture Theatres & Classrooms: Tailoring AV solutions for educational environments to ensure effective learning experiences.

  12. Auditorium & Theater Experiences: Designing AV setups for auditoriums and theaters to deliver exceptional audio and visual performances.

  13. House of Worship Integration: Extending AV expertise to create immersive worship experiences through well-integrated systems.

  14. Training & Tutorial Solutions: Designing AV solutions for training and tutorial spaces to facilitate effective teaching and learning.

With our in-depth knowledge and proficiency in diverse AV systems, kenny CAD for AV Solution is well-equipped to provide customized and reliable solutions that cater to the specific needs of each environment and deliver unparalleled audiovisual experiences.